​Sharon McCarthy is a Senior Integrated Awareness Teacher   and a Level 2 Wisdom Healing Qigong Healing Facilitator

          in private practice in Marin County since 2003.

~Energetic Healing Touch~

"The deep spaces you offered me were profound and healing.  It has taken me several days to integrate the initial shifts.  

​                   I am truly grateful for what you did and for your healing touch, your wisdom and your gentle spirit.” 

Energy work can help reduce states like panic, anxiety, and/or depression.  It can relieve the intensity of PTSD, chronic pain, immune challenges and other existing conditions. It can also initiate heart opening shifts that lead to increased self acceptance and other deeply personal transformations.

​   Welcome to Souls Vision Healing

    offers increased relational fluidity within our multiple layers of Self.

Enhanced somatic awareness is key to sensing

the habitual patterns that limit the optimal expressions of our well-being.

Once we choose to rest our consciousness fully within our body

we can access the creative intelligence of our embodied wisdom 

and our capacity to heal. 

   Touch and gentle movement offer new informational patterns

that can restore healthy flows of energy between

our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects,   
allowing for more intuitively beneficial choices that are 

aligned with the wishes of our higher self.