​Bringing awareness home to our body we begin to sense the energetic qualities of the multiple layers of our embodied subconscious that are still attuned to actions and events that are no longer happening.

When we learn to stop

'holding on'​ or 'holding back' 

we can feel held enough

to finally relax,

restoring our natural fluidity.

​Energy ~ Information ~ Consciousness ~ Movement 

​   Welcome to Souls Vision Healing

Our core movement habits formed at a very early age while we were still 'adapting to' and 'bonding with' our families.  These learned movements and postures helped us to adapt to the conditions of our formative years, yet most often they limit and restrict our full adult expression. 

Energetic touch and subtle movement explorations both assist us to remember and reclaim forgotten parts of ourself – revealing more of the beauty of who we are as we become more fully embodied in present time.  Being at ease within our self is expressed by the comfort and grace of our movements.  When our bodies move freely we feel more conscious of
choice and authenticity.

Healing Happens when our conscious and subconscious layers of self comfortably align and we are gifted with the freedom, power, and harmony

of our unified intentions! 

Integrated Awareness®  highlights conscious touch and gentle exploratory movements

           to support physical healing, personal growth and deepened spiritual connection 

                                                         through body-centered learning. 


Wisdom Healing Qigong  uses movement, sound, meditation and visualization 

         to guide the free flow of energy while gracefully creating harmonic states

                                                      of enlivened integrative Oneness.

                                   (See Resources page for more information about IA and WHQ)

A healing session gently evokes an enhanced state of embodied awareness.  

Experiencing conscious touch offered by a healer's energetic presence within a coherent Heart Field

engages our autonomic nervous system in a way that increases the permission for us to feel the emotions and sensations unconsciously held within our body. ​ We can begin to accept our emotions as a source of inner intelligence and creativity while the energetic layers of our body become more fluid, and as essential to us as our skin. This ability to illuminate the limiting emotional and energetic patterns that we've stored within our body gives us the chance to update how we feel about our life and how we move forward.