Integrated Awareness®  (IA)

IA gifts me with direct sensory experiences through which I am able to access the deep resources of my body's multi-layered intelligence.
I've dedicated years to exploring my own embodied awareness in deeply personal movement exploration processes.  These attentional skills  help me to access somatically stored unconscious behaviors, which allows me to create new choice points for expansion and healing.  This inner work also enhances my awareness of the nuances of subtle energetic communication with another person or a group. 
I am grateful for the broad scope of higher dimensional healing skills offered and modeled for me by Lansing Barrett Gresham and my colleagues on this shared path.

IA is a heart's path of presence, and of deep compassion for self and other. 

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Wisdom Healing Qigong  (WHQ)

I was introduced to WHQ in 2009 and found an ancient technology that was fully akin to everything I had been studying.  The movement practices were all new to me, though I recognized the wisdom in their energetic language and the brilliant ways they could open the physical, emotional and energetic bodies through precise physical movements, healing sounds and visualization. 

 Where consciousness goes, energy flows.  Qigong engages our mind and heart’s intentions directly, guiding awareness through simple movement sequences that can restore the flow of energy throughout all bodily systems.  Directing our awareness back to our body is key to our well-being at every level of Self.

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