The flow of a Healing Session:   First we talk, to establish your intentions...   

You're invited to share your heart's desire for change.  Your wishes for transformation may address

emotional, physical, psychological and/or spiritual issues.  It may be helpful to share some early

family background, or profoundly impactful life events, depending upon your requests.

We'll identify where challenging, inhibitory patterns are held in your body in ways that are linked to

feeling depressed, anxious, powerless, overwhelmed, confused, trapped, lost or any other difficult feelings.  

We can address new or old emotional wounds, traumas, self judgments, or physical body symptoms. 

Healing is very much about learning new patterns, so the session will assist you to move out of

closed loop behaviors and pain creating postures, as well as exploring new qualities of awareness.

Then we begin the deeper state of exploration, discovery and transformation

You'll recline fully clothed* on a massage table in a safe and peaceful environment.
*Wearing comfortable clothing that permits easy range of movement is highly recommended! 

   Opening to a broader sense of possibilities through the use of energetic Touch and Movement.


          we feel 
          we can 

​   Welcome to Souls Vision Healing

I first notice your unique postural arrangement which unconsciously and yet eloquently expresses an array of your embodied truths.

Gently placing my hands on your body, I use touch to feel how energy is circulating, and where it might be held or blocked.
I especially 'listen' for emotional imprints or active sub-layers that are out of synch with your current wishes for yourself.  

I am fully respectful of your body's innate intelligence as I offer you a spectrum of healing touch skills and gently guided movements.  ​

I offer you my unconditional presence, along with my own open hearted vulnerability and compassion. 

Touch contact not only brings you enhanced awareness of your own body, it also conveys multi-sensory information directly back to my hands.  

I receive impressions of your body's internalized patterns in visual, emotional, kinesthetic or symbolic form. 

I might also intuit information directly through my own somatic responses.  

I'll share the most relevant content with you as we support your instinctive responses to the newly offered energetic touch patterns.

A session may increase your awareness of the connection between pain, contractions and embodied survival strategies.

Subtle barriers within movement patterns reveal energetic and muscular restrictions that highlight how you have compartmentalized

or held back parts of your Self.  We will use these barriers as key sites to help liberate disruptive beliefs stored in your body.

This allows you to discover, feel and release limitations and outgrown rules that have shaped your life experiences of self. 

This spaciousness opens up a field of new possibilities and new life choices.  Each new discovery increases the permission to move

towards an easier life. This is an opportunity to rewire your brain, create new movement patterns and feel able to fully love and accept

who you are in present time.