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“I have had some major shifts in letting go. The deep spaces you offered me were profound and healing.  It has taken me several days to integrate the initial shifts.  I am truly grateful for what you did and for your healing touch, your wisdom and your gentle spirit.”  B. Allen

‘I started seeing Sharon because of severe back and neck pain. I quickly realized her healing transcends the physical realm, and accesses a much faster and longer-lasting freedom from pain. Her sessions have offered me insights that have caused radical change, and really a coming home to my authentic self.  Sharon is a blessing to this world, and especially anyone lucky enough to come into her healing path.’  Zander F.

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“Wow, what a session. The painful hitch in my chest has gone away and I can breathe more easily.   I was in an altered state the rest of the day!!! Blissful breathing... kind of an ecstatic peaceful feeling. Thank you so much for the wonderful session. I know you gave me extra time...thank you for your generosity."  B. Edwards

My family and I had the opportunity to receive a number of Integrated Awareness sessions from Sharon McCarthy. She is a truly gifted healer. Her work addresses the multiple layers of our being in a gentle yet profound way and has benefited me personally on multiple levels.  I highly recommend her work.  Isaac Eliaz, MD., L.Ac.

"I have such deep confidence in your work and healing offering.  With appreciation and blessings"  Mingtong Gu

"I am so grateful for your wonderful session.  I had the best sleep I’ve had in months.  I was just so relaxed – so peaceful, strong and centered."  Gina T

"Our healing time felt so empowering, putting me in touch with my inner resources.  Today was amazing.  Everything kind of came together with my left, feminine side is opening up.  It was a magical day. Thank you again for the gift of your wonderful self and amazing skills in healing and transformation on the deepest levels. It feels so wonderful to be able to go to these deep places together and transform what has felt overwhelming! Your amazing generosity of spirit and shining goodness always inspires me!  How blessed I am to be with you."  Joanna P.

Sharon is one of the most open-hearted and talented healers I have known.  She welcomed me into her heart immediately, and held a space that allowed deep and compassionate communication as well as therapeutic understanding.  Sharon works in a collaborative and respectful way, encouraging self-awareness as well as open curiosity. Since my initial visit with her, I have continued to see her and have encouraged my entire family to take advantage of her gifts! Both of my teen-aged children, my husband, mother, and my best friend have seen her. I am amazed at how she has been able to adjust her care to each of their very unique needs.  Her intuitive wisdom and sensitivity are profound and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance and support on their healing journey.

Sincerely, Mary S. MFT


"Let me take this moment to share what a beautiful woman you are--inside and out.  Your nature, your healing wisdom, your expressions of love and caring are exquisite and a gift to all who are lucky enough to know you. Thank you for carrying my healing in your hands.  So much appreciation. Your guidance draws me to my body's intelligence.  I will go there with you."  Barbara Z.

"Sharon, you are such a voice of willingness to see all points of view... to engage with the higher octave and trust leading the way."   Dale A.

"All manner of miracles have occurred in the past several months. My shoulder is improving daily, I'm pretty 
much out of pain and just working steadily on range of motion. My partner and I are doing great, life is just in this magnificent flow. Thanks so much for your generous, deep and gentle work with me." Tina E.

"Thank you for the magnificent session.  Wow!  My husband said I looked like "myself" again."    Julien L.

"Sharon, your work was so helpful, I can barely express my appreciation.  The insight into my body, work on my body and gentle and straightforward communication, and generosity with time.  I felt lucky to have received these benefits."  Neil

"I slept better last night than I have in a very long time...and 8 hours all the way through!!  I haven't done that in years!  Thanks so much for all your tender loving care."  B Edwards

"Our session was truly life changing and I've come home with a greater sense of self and a fuller commitment to life."  Glenn G.

 “Good news – my husband woke without a backache today for the first time in over a month. He had a couple of very sad/integrating days and now he’s moving into a different space. This is powerful work!”  Rachel F.

"​I did have a great night sleep after my session with Sharon.  I am happy to report that the cough that has been with me for the last two years is gone.  And that is fantastic!"  Natalia K.

"Sharon, It meant a great deal to me to be able to spend time with you today.  I appreciated your listening deeply to the variety of concerns I am letting go of, the stories of my past, and letting the Universe sort through. Your work really helped my body.  I have been so out of touch with my body that I had forgotten that ‘feeling no pain’ was not the norm of late.  Nancy H.

"Thank you for the beautiful session today.  Your integrity and your wisdom seem boundless and your love shines through all you do.  My body felt transformed.  When I went for a walk by the water, I could feel my kidneys and the soles of my feet, warm and vibrating. It's such a privilege to be doing this work with you."  Melanie

"Thanks Sharon – our work together is really helping me to breathe and feel my way forward to a more grounded, balanced and aware existence."  Jamie O.

"Sharon, you have such profound wisdom - I knew you would have a thoughtful answer.  I so very much appreciate your guidance."  Robin B.

 "Thank you for your feedback and insights.  I don't know if you realize how awesome you are, but you are.  I so admire your ability to "read" a person and the experiences or events held within their bodies"   Jackie I.

"The after-effects of the session with my husband have been amazing and heart warming.  There is so much more ease, and acceptance.  It has been a joy to my heart to witness and feel the shifts for and in him."   D. N.

"Wanted to let you know that there seems to be much more movement and fluidity in that upper area of my ribs.   I am enjoying the feeling of it and being able to breathe more fully and deeply.  My session was uniquely transformative in that I felt completely different when I left.  Even though I've been coming for a while now, the effectiveness of your work still blows me away."  Bonnie E.

"Thanks so much for your caring session with Chris. He felt so much better that he went to the big concert in the park in S.F. today, a huge move for him!  He wants to do another session with you, a very good sign!"   Gina T.

"Thank you for such a great treatment and your wise words.  You are very wise and I trust you."  Marilyn S.
"Thank you - as your presence is such a gift to me and this universe. You are such a great teacher.  I had become so shut down, I had contracted and closed up, feelings of hopelessness and great sadness.  With so much gratitude!"  Randee R.

"Thank you again for a wonderful healing. It was truly a revelation and a new way of looking at my organs."  Nancy C.

"The healing session you gave me was so wonderful. And for Zack too! He really benefited from it, and will definitely be back."  Amity E.

"A very big thank you for such a wonderful healing session and the gift of extra time too! The experience was very comfortable, insightful and extremely fascinating. I know some shifting took place.  My mother loved her time with you and was actually bordering on giddy that evening which is something I haven't seen for a while!"  Tracy

"It was a great pleasure to meet you and have a healing session with you.  Sure enough, I already feel a lot better.  The pain at the mouth of my stomach is no longer there, and my back pain was seriously reduced... I feel a lot more relaxed altogether."   Gabriela M. Ed.D.

"The level of vulnerability my friend is getting to in the safety of your precious soul is amazing and so heart felt grateful on my end so glad she finally found you and the deepening of her process. Our sharing has certainly become deeper and more profound because of it."  Sarah G.

"Thank you again for your good work, and gentle, deep presence in my life."  Nancy Hutchins

"Your beautiful work and presence which was so inspiring for me. I'd love to see you again… would so appreciate a session with you again."  Edie H.

"My father is in his final days.  The work you did last time is really helping a lot in this stressful time, I feel balanced and centered.  Thank you!!!"  Victor F.

"I have had good results from our healing work together. I can now bear weight on my left leg! I hold onto the wonderful images you provided and found the lessons to be very profound - I have referred a couple of friends to you."  Ashia C.
"That was a great session today, it felt really important to unhook from that noise and move like that into totally relaxed theta. Thanks again for the help you've been providing Sharon, it's really been helpful. I also appreciate your caring, which I can clearly feel.  I look forward to continuing and to growing that sprout into something full-fledged."  John W.

"Thank you for the lovely, nurturing, powerful healing. I did feel a little unsettled the next day, but viewed that as a good thing. The pressure on the right side of my head is gone, the pain in left arm almost totally diminished, lower leg pain is somewhat diminished. I will definitely be back for more."  Bianca M.

"Thanks for the wonderful session.  Something you said deeply moved me: “Breathing light, flowing in and out of your body, like a prayer, like a dance, like a song.”  Brandy S.

"I am so grateful for the gifts you bestow on me with your healing touch and all knowing hands of light.  Thank you for such a meaningful session. You offer so much wisdom and help me tap in to the resources that are within.  I love and value all that you give to me and others.  I am touched by your radiance, brilliance and empathy for all living things." "  Judy D.

"Thank you for another inspiring healing yesterday.  Words can't properly express my gratitude for you as an ally in my journey.  Sometimes I still feel quite alone and afraid, and your presence comforts me a lot.  Your love and support are helping me through another piece of scary territory.  I give you my deepest appreciation.   I also appreciate your capacity to be present.  I recognize you have a lot on your plate, but I never feel the presence of extraneous concerns in my sessions with you.  From my own work, I value that highly!"   Melanie

 "You are such a lovely being....know that your gifts to me are realized fully....my stay here on this planet may be drawing to a close based on new developments. Please realize your gifts were some of the only true heart gifts I have received in this manifestation of life.....peace to you and your heart.  Patrick O.

"A very special thank you for your skillfulness in our session today.  I am still integrating the work.  What it feels like so far is that I have more space around this topic than I have had up to now.  Please know how much I value your skill, wisdom and compassion.  Sending you much appreciation for the support you have so generously given along my path to wellbeing. "   Shoshana

"I had what's called a "frozen shoulder" which is really tendonitis. One of my medical doctors told me that if I did nothing it would go away in 9 months, which was intolerable to me at the time.  I went to see Sharon - a very competent, caring and intuitive individual, I believe a perfect fit for anyone on the path of the mystic.  One session and my shoulder was healed, although I kept the exercises going for a while after.  She had the impression that my shoulder problem was affected by my kidney system energy not harmonizing with my heart energy - and helped get those energies flowing again through her gentle hands-on-my-body connections."  Halim V.

"Many thanks for your wonderful session and notes - they are so very helpful, especially that way of seeing why I had chosen victim. It resonates in a way that I have not felt before without moving into some shame- a real gift.  Thank you for helping me to be more comfortable with who I am, within and without."  M E Hogle

"You were spot on about the pain coming from the sacral area. An MRI revealed stenosis and a rare epidural haematoma around the sacrum. By the way, I experienced a tremendous  emotional shift related to my mom during our session. Thank you!"  Mary R.
We soooooo  appreciate you and the work you are doing Sharon.  Thank you so very much.  I appreciate and am grateful for all you have learned and so generously and kindly share.  Cameron really likes you too, and the work you are doing with him!!  Ariah

"Thank you so much for an amazing treatment Sharon. I have never experienced such gentle yet deep penetrating work. I was quite surprised last night how every part of my  body was shifting and feeling of expansion remained. There was so much information you gave me and now I wish I made notes.  I feel very fortunate to have met you."   Hiromi V.

"My knee is totally normal now. It seems the session made a difference!"  Rebecca T.

"Once more I thank you for the most delightful and insightful healing session. Your authentic and generous caring restores one's trust to life.  I am so grateful for having your soul as the most supporting and generous companion to my healing journey."  Andreas

"Once again, I would like to express my heart felt gratitude for the beautiful healing treatment I received from you.  The effects, and resolution to some of my physical issues continues.  You are truly amazing."  Lorna G

 "The healing work you did with me has enabled me to be present and engaged with our clients in meaningful ways. They have done truly exceptional work with each other healing old, deep, and painful wounds.  Thank you for helping me find my voice and path. What a gift you have!"  Nancy A.

"Sharon, since you have been helping me, i have slept every night except one and i am so grateful for your help."  Jai

 "Thank you for another powerful session today.  The shifts continue to surprise me.  If this one is like the other sessions in terms of impact, I know the next few weeks will continue to show me how much we did together today.   I am very grateful for the impact your gifts continue to have in my evolutionary/healing journey."   Joan O.

 "News of your extraordinary healings floated through the room each day. You're such an important part of the team. 
Thanks for all you give!"  Debra C. 

 "I am taking delicious and deeper breaths.  Thank you for your magic. I feel that I am releasing more than I have in quite a while."  Claudia B.

"Your work at Mingtong’s retreat has been instrumental in such beautiful ongoing realignment.  Thanks dear!"  Gabrielle H.

"There are not enough words to express my gratitude. I am going through such a major spiritual awakening right now and you have been one of my strongest guiding angels."  Z Ford

"What a gift it was to be with you yesterday. I want you to know that last night I experienced the best mental clarity I have had in years. Earlier in the afternoon I could feel activity in my right hemisphere. Last night I felt 100% myself. I am both encouraged and discouraged because I realize how much I have lost of my mental abilities yet encouraged because I see a way forward. It is just very frightening to realize my deficits. However, I know that by working with you I can regain my mental abilities."  L. B.

 "I am still enjoying the benefits of my time with you. My walking has greatly improved thanks to the alignment of the left ankle and lower leg.  My spleen is much happier being part of the trinity council of heart, liver, spleen.  In general I feel less reactive and more responsive.  Ending the qigong retreat with your session helped integrate loose threads in a beautiful way.  Thank you."  Pamela J

 "As usual my session with you had profound implications. I so enjoy feeling my creative energy back. My back pain is completely gone. I walk with my entire body feeling so grounded. I'm enjoying the total body connection within me. My feet more planted on the ground,'with each step I take, I feel deliberate. Thank you for a lovely session. I feel an inner peace.  I am eternally grateful to you, your knowledge, your intuitive sense, your talents and your super sweet being."  Diane V.