​   Welcome to Souls Vision Healing

​Attention ~ ​Intention ~ Choice ~ Curiosity ~ Permission ~ Courage ~ Presence ~ Acceptance ~ Joy ~ Grace ~ Gratitude

My Spirituality is deeply rooted  in Nature and my Love of Life.

My first teachers were my Irish grandparents who inspired my continual openness to the unknown and encouraged me to sustain the broad tuning of my sensory awareness well beyond childhood.  The heart of my spiritual guidance drew me to yoga and meditationin 1970, allowing me to explore the wonder of our bodies as expressions of our soul.


I soon recognized that the current practices of conventional medicine did not align with my intentions and gifts, so my childhood passion to become a nurse was redirected to the visual arts.  I enjoyed the enrichment of a philosophy major along with earning my BFA at Hartford Art School.  My involvement in dance and life drawing formed a foundation for my interest in human anatomy. 

I began studying alternative healing methods with an emphasis on a natural foods diet and use of medicinal herbs in 1975. I spent six years in a major northern California natural food store as an herbalist, nutrition and body care consultant.  My growing recognition that our body is sacred and that embodiment is absolutely key to spiritual growth led to my apprenticeship with Integrated Awareness® Founder - Lansing Barrett Gresham in 2000.

I immersed myself deeply into the studies of how the synergy of consciousness, energy and movement brilliantly expresses the essence of our human experience, and how this relates to our physical health and emotional wellness.  

I became a Certified IA® Teacher in 2003 and continued to enhance my private practice by engaging in advanced IA courses until 2014.


Areas of my independent study include neuroanatomy, consciousness, spirituality, energy medicine, cell biology, physiology, physics and cosmology.

I also spend time in deep communication with plants.  They are our ancestors, healers and Teachers.

I equally value and interweave my mystical, practical, artistic and scientific skills in my approach to healing. 

I was introduced to Wisdom Healing Qigong by Master Mingtong Gu in 2009, and to my delight found an ancient technology that was fully akin to everything I had been learning.  The actual practices of qigong were new to me, though I recognized their energetic language and the brilliant ways they could open the emotional body through precise physical movements, healing sounds and visualizations.   I became Certified as a Level 2 Healing Facilitator in 2010.  WHQ engages our mind and heart’s intentions directly, guiding awareness through simple movement sequences, and embodied

states of awareness that can restore the flow of energy throughout all bodily systems.  This is the key to our well-being at every level of Self.

I balance my immersion in the healing arts with working in my wild gardens, dancing, practicing qigong, writing, photographing beauty,

making art, laughing with friends, visiting the ocean and creating states of deep inner peace.

I lovingly acknowledge my teachers Lansing and Mingtong, as well as all of my IA and WHQ colleagues.  

I offer love and gratitude to every dear human being who has invited me to be part of their healing journey and I am deeply honored by the trust you place in me.